Who are we

Who are we



MTS Training and Development was established in Riyadh in 1431 e and its foundation was based on our vision to develop functional performance and improve the human element by providing effective developed training programs within international standards by expert trainers, it is no longer known to specialists in human resources development what is of great importance in the development of the capabilities of individuals and incumbents in the government and civil sectors. Knowledge has become a key pillar of the training that we all desire, which is based on experience and practice by the accumulated experienced so that new generations can take the lead in the coming days;


Our values

At MTS Training & Development, we adopt a set of shared values that are reflected in us as a team and on the culture that we work and believe in. "Honesty, trust, passion, partnership, innovation."


Our mission

Contribute to the development and improvement of training processes (trainer, training bags, training environment…) ، In accordance with the principles of quality and the latest theories in the science of training.

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What we do:

إعداد خطط التدريب

The training plan is prepared in accordance with the highest international quality standards by the most qualified training experts, with the evaluation of trainees and the measurement of investment returns from training activities in accordance with the latest standards of measurement and evaluation as in the major international companies.

إعداد الحقائب التدريبية

Designing training bags according to the latest training methodologies such as imas curriculum and under the supervision of local and international experts in the preparation of training bags and the construction of a trainer manual and a

تأهيل المدربين

n enrichment material accompanying the presentation.

Believing in the need to continue learning, MTS is keen to limit the skill and knowledge needs of the trainers and then draft them into training bags trained by a selection of local and international trainers.

التدريب الالكتروني

MTS training and development teams specializing in management and management invest in modern technology to manage content and human resources by connecting participants and technical trainers to the interaction between the trainer or facilitator of the training workshops and participants through the devices of the participants.

The secret of our excellence:

الفريق العلمي

MTS Training and Development includes a scientific team that is capable and diverse in specialties (training team, project management team, technical support team, quality control team, organization team and finally media team) from within and abroad with the aim of excelling by investing the best methods and training and organizational strategies according to the latest modern sciences through the most qualified trainers, experts and professional con

مشرفون من كافة مناطق المملكة

Supervisors with training and organizational experience in all regions of Saudi Arabia have been trained and qualified in the management, management and management of teams and have a variety of capabilities and have an integrated information center to carry out

مدربون وخبراء
workshops and training

MTS Training and Development Board members are among the best and most qualified experts and professional consultants, whether academic staff such as university professors or professional staff in major industrial, commercial and service companies, they are subject to careful review and monitoring of the development of their level and increase their experience by measuring their merit from time to time according to the stand

تعدد الحلول التدربية
ards and classification systems adopted.

MTS Training & Development offers a range of training solutions in various fields that suit the different needs of its clients of short and long training courses and programs, serving various levels from beginner to advanced levels, which achieve the aspirations of our customers of qualification and promising professional excellence.


المستشار / محمد العزي

المستشار / محمد العزي

رئيس مجلس الادارة

د. صالح التويجري

د. صالح التويجري

مستشار تطوير

محمد الاسمري

محمد الاسمري

المدير التنفيذي

د. عطية سوادي

د. عطية سوادي

مستشار تطوير

د . محمود التايه

د . محمود التايه

جراند ماستر

هدى نايف الحربي

هدى نايف الحربي

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